I am a targeted individual of organized gang stalking also called stalking by proxy. I also made direct connections of my targeting and people of the past involved in my father’s case with MkULTRA CIA mind control experiments.  This occurred to me after trying to fight for justice in my father’s case. I am taking the blog down. I am tired of fighting and exposing an evil that I could never truly expose, as I am not the only victim of this kind of crime. Plus I have realized that there will be no justice of any sort. The more I seem to expose and speak out; the more I am targeted. Gang stalking is real – and is scary – and I hope that one day all victims will be able to put an end to this kind of torture, however I feel that I must move on and focus on my life and the life of my son.

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Connection to more MKULTRA DOCTORS – and a “mysterious” man who claimed he went to Georgetown with my father

Now that I know I’ve been a victim of this program, I realized my father was as well.
As I have sated in my other blog – there is not doubt that my father’s murder was planned many years ago. Reason being on my grandfather’s death certificate ( who was murdered as well and whose remains are still missing to this very day ) my father’s date of birth was placed on the temporary death certificate back in 1966 when his father met his demise. This temporary death certificate was issued by a Lake County Sherriff – who a few years later would be sent to prison for his mob connections. According to the jury inquest, there were no family members around when my grandfather’s car spun off the road that fatal nigh July 1966 at around 5 am. How a lake county sheriff would KNOW my father’s birthday ( who was only 15 at the time of his father’s death) and place it on our grandfather’s temporary death certificate at 5 am with nobody around – is a dern good question. My father would then die at the age of 40 in 1992. My grandfather and my father were the heirs to half of the shares of Allen & Garcia mining company in Chicago.

I look back on how my mother and father’s relationship went down hil -and the changes of personality in both my father and mother before their divorce in 1989 –and there is no doubt in my mind they were being targeted. My mother had commented to me about strange happenings, being followed, stalked – what I now know to be gang stalking.

Well..while looking though the divorce papers of my mother and father this past week – a man appears by the name of James Tarpey. Tarpey claims he went to Georgetown University with my father – that he graduated in 1975. He then states he moved back to Nantucket ( Connecticut) – and then moved back to Washington D.C. when my father was married to my mom ( around 1982)…

So I called Georgetown University to find out what Tarpey graduated in. Guess what? According to Georgetown there was nobody with the name James Tarpey that ever attended Georgetown!

HUGE RED FLAG. So I start to investigate James Tarpey – and lo and behold ANOTHER MKULTRA connection!

Tarpey states he moved back to Nantucket Connecticut, after “graduating” Georgetown University,

There is only one listing in Nantucket Connecticut for a James Tarpey.

� Name/AKAs Phone Address City, State Possible Relatives � 1. TARPEY,�JAMES�P (Age 58)Available(3) AvailablePOTOMAC,�MDSARATOGA SPRINGS,�NYNANTUCKET,�MA Possible Relatives:

This matches Tarpey’s age as well. Now first I researched his father and mother –

John D. Tarpey

Age 91, widower of Alice Tarpey, who died in June, 2006, and formerly of Dunellen, NJ and Wilmington, DE.

He worked for 34 years for the United States Postal Service, retiring as the Assistant Chief Inspector, Criminal Investigations. In WWII he served as Captain of Artillery for the 107th Field Artillery Battalion, 28th Infantry Division, US Army. During that time he was awarded the Bronze Star, American Defense Service Medal, and the WWII Victory Medal.

He is survived by a sister, Mary Stephenson, of Manasquan, NJ and children, John D. Tarpey, Jr., married to Karen, of Mt. Pleasant, SC, James P. Tarpey of Potomac, MD, and **************r, married to William, of *************.

From the Washingon Post Obituary

John David Tarpey Sr., 91, who worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 34 years, died Jan. 19 of kidney failure at the Wilson Health Care Center at Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg. He was a former resident of Potomac.Mr. Tarpey was assistant chief inspector of criminal investigations at the Postal Service when he retired in 1975.He was born in Dunellen, N.J., and attended Rutgers University before entering the Army during World War II. He was captain of artillery for the 107th Field Artillery Battalion of the 28th Infantry Division and received a Bronze Star Medal. He was a member of St. Raphael Catholic Church in Rockville and the Knights of Columbus. He also belonged to the National Association of Retired Postal Inspectors.
His wife of 64 years, Alice M. Tarpey, died in 2006.
Survivors include three children, ********Tarpey Jr. of Mount Pleasant, S.C., James P. Tarpey of Potomac –

When I saw that his brother and sister in law lived in my home town -and moved here when my mother and sister moved here- that was another huge red flag. So I did some background research on them ( and here is where I found the MKULTRA connection.

7.K********s bio read as follows

************** received her Master of Social Work degree at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. in 1987. Karen trained at the Jay Haley Family Therapy Institute in Rockville, Maryland. She worked in the field of foster care and adoption in the D.C.area, along with a psychiatric inpatient setting and emergency shelter for children prior to moving to the Charleston area in 1989. Since that time, Ms. ******* has raised a family and been in private practice for the past 19 years. Her specialty is working with children and families. She is trained in play therapy and her areas of interest include divorce, abuse and neglect, trauma, ADHD, and behavioral issues. Ms. Tarpey also provides treatment for adults dealing with anxiety and depression. *** **** ****** studied at the Jay Hayley Foundation was ran by Dr. Jay Douglas Haley http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Haley.

Dr. Jay Douglas Haley was a the protoge of . Jay Haley and John H. Weak landdeveloped the double bind theory (see also Bateson Project).[3]

15.Also important to note ” “Puharich was also closely associated (Round Table Foundation) with Neuropsychiatrist Warren S. McCulloch of Dr. Gregory Bateson’s Cybernetics Group.[ McCulloch was an early advocate of cybernetic theory, electronic brain implants and chaired conferences sponsored by the Josiah Macy, Jr. foundation, a channel for CIA MK ULTRA mind control funding.[47]At a New York electromagnetic conference in 1987, Dr. Puharich described that his house was burned down and he was shot at for discussing EMF technology and it’s development. He said that “…everything’s classified and you can’t say a god damned thing about it, a tough situation. And you can’t get any real information out of any government agency. And I know all of them that do the work. I know the people who head the projects etc. When they’re in trouble, they usually come ask me. And they classify what I tell them. Insanity
16. More information important to note: Puharich claimed he first became involved with military intelligence in “Project Penguin”, a project whose existence has been denied by Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Project Penguin allegedly got underway in 1948, a Navy exercise that ran for some years. Its scope: to test individuals possessing “psychic powers.”[41] ONI’s Project CHATTER had begun in the fall of 1947 delving into the Nazi secret mind control experiments at Dachau Concentration Camp,[42] and most likely Reichsfurhrer Heinrich Himmler’s Ahnenerbe secret Astra Travel (Remote Viewing) and Psi-warfare projects which are still classified by the CIA and British MI5-MI6.

. OK so these people who knew my father – with MKULTRA training moved down here right when my sister ( who was a young pre teen) started to have problems ( which will lead me into my next blog). Could be pure coincidence but yikes!!

Also James Tarpey is listed as owning a company called**. CYBERMED LLC is listed as being owned by a James Tarpey and a Suzzane Lynn Oro in Dallas Texas. Suzanne Lynn Oro is the husband of Spanish Nuero surgeon John J. Oro.



Dr. Oró’s research interests have been in the electrophysiology of the spinal cord and spinal cord injury. His laboratory has published basic research in the field including studies on the effects of shock, temperature, hypoxia and ischemia on the somatosensory and motor evoked potentials; the effect of agents on graded spinal compression and on the effects of trans cranial motor stimulation in humans.

Cybermed LLC – NEUROWORLD CyberMed, L.L.C. 503 Nifong, #209 is Columbia MO 65205 is noted as providing an on line neuromedical computer…

**. http://www.findownersearch.com/category-commentary-brands-5.html
providing an on-line neuromedical computer database by means of a global computernetwork, namely, an online journal of neuromedical news, commentary and information; online listings of neuromedical meeting and workshop announcements; and online links to other neuromedical resources on the global computer network, namely, links to selected journals, newsletters and health news sites

**.CyberMed Nuero Scan of Mummy’s brain


OK now – my supposedly crazy ( or so I thought before I realized she was a victim of this heinous form of medical experimentation would always be afraid of our neighbors insinuating that they were somehow talking to her..

Well – I won’t state their names – but I will say the K***************( the same MKULTRA trained Dr. who knew my father) is listed in several court documents as being the personal counselor to members of family members of our next door neighbors! GO figure…

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